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True Service Electronics (TSE) provides more than twenty-five years of specialized experience and education of services to any public safety department or company that has a need for electronic services that include, but are not limited to:

 Electronics Service Technician

  • Installing, repairing, maintaining, and the ordering/selling of emergency response electronic equipment, including radio communications. TSE specializes in covert/undercover equipment.

  • Strobe lights, flashing lights (red, blue, etc), LED lights, wig wag lights, mobile radios, Whelen  Sirens,  Federal Sirens, computer docking stations, video cameras

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installations


  • Prisoner cages, computer docking stations/consoles.

  • Computer docking stations for readily access to computerized information.

  • Anything that results in the completion of the public safety vehicle package.

Installs on Wheels

  • Instead of taking manpower from busy jobs, the electronic service technician comes to the customer, if preferred. True Service Electronics has an electronic equipment service mobile utility trailer to able the technician to provide on-site installs and/or perform minor repairs.


  • Contact TSE on any electronic project you need provided

  • Free written or verbal quotes/estimates

  • Licensed & insured

  • References available upon request (see photo references page)

Visit our "Vendors" Page and see the names of popular and reputable vendors that True Service Electronics use for supplies and equipment. We can handle ordering everything for your project.